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Election Observer Training will be held online from June 1 – June 14.

From June 1 through June 14 visit the Clark County Elections Office website

Elections | Clark County (wa.gov)

Watch the Video on EO training.  While you are watching the video, there will be

SIX code WORDS displayed throughout the duration of the video.  Be sure to make a note of

those six words.   You will be instructed to email the Elections Office and

provide the six words, showing proof that you watched the entire training video.

What happens next?

 The elections office will email you.  They will want to know your Party

preference.  This is so they can add you to their list of trained EO’s for the

party of your choice.

The list of trained observers is sent to the Party Chair, or designee, who

will be in touch with you when EO’s are needed during elections.