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Visit the EVENTS page for full

details on the July 18, 2019 Dinner Event

Thank you to the over 85 Republicans

who attended the

June 27th Summer BBQ at

 CCRW President Liz Pike’s beautiful

Shangri-La Farm in Camas.   

We had a GREAT time!

Thank you Liz!

Full BBQ details can be found in the JUNE NEWSLETTER

Clark County Republican Women Members Select

North County Community Food Bank as Official Charity for 2019

At our March meeting, Clark County Republican Women (CCRW), selected North County Community Food Bank (NCCFB) as the official charity to receive our Impact Award at the end of the year. Look for Liz’s Silver Elephant Piggy Bank at CCRW meetings and events. This means that at all remaining CCRW meetings this year, we’ll be happily accepting contributions from members to be directed toward NCCFB. With club funds, CCRW will match up to $500 so that we can help NCCFB in its mission. About 40% of the population served at NCCFB are children impacted by hunger because of their family situation. 22% of clients are senior citizens living on social security and are unable to make it each month, often struggling after major medical situations and chronic illness or cancer. The non-profit Food Bank is open twice weekly for clients in zip codes 98601, 98604, 98606, 98622 and 98675. The Food Bank offers local produce, fresh meat, grains, cereals, bakery items, canned seafood and meat, canned vegetable and beans, shelf stable milk, eggs, and fresh cheese and dairy. The Food Bank also holds an array of courses designed to build essential life skills and promote healthy, confident families include healthy cooking classes, Celebrity Chef and Kids in the Kitchen, living with diabetes, job search and interviewing. The website for NCCFB

Who are the Clark County Republican Women? 

Our mission is to Engage and Empower Women in Politics. 

We are guided by the 4C’s

Courage, Commitment, Compassion and Civility.



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