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Liz Pike, President

CCRW Celebrates 74 Years

In 1936 a “Pro American Club” was organized by Caroline Benson Unander. When she died in 1949 the Washington Governor requested that a club be formed and the first woman to accept this challenge was Mrs. Percy Lawhead.  The group was called “The Clark County Women’s Republican Club.” Thus, our present organization was founded in 1949 by a group of women who held fast to the ideals of the conservative Republican Party through long years of Democrat rule nationally and in Washington State.

Our Mission

The mission of Clark County Republican Women is to promote an informed electorate through political education and activities, to increase the effectiveness of women in the causes of good government by electing strong Republican women to office and encourage effective participation in supportive roles.

Additionally, CCRW recruits and promotes qualified Republican women and men in all elections, including non-partisan elections. CCRW strives to
facilitate cooperation among Republican Women’s Clubs, to foster loyalty to the Republican Party, to promote its principles and support the objectives and policies of the Republican National Committee, the Republican State Central Committee and the local Clark County Republican Party.

CCRW is the largest Republican Women’s Club in Washington State.

CCRW is guided by the 4c’s of

Courage, Commitment, Compassion and Civility.