Empowering and informing women and men from all backgrounds through political and legislation education and training.


Mission & Core Values

We reach out to and empower women (and men) of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds in the political process. We provide a forum for women and men to serve as leaders in their communities. We educate women and men on the important issues of the day through club meetings, special events, and volunteer opportunities.

Our Core Values

  • We are proud to be Americans and a part of the largest women's organization in the country, the National Federation of Republican Women.
  • We work together to strengthen our great country, to stand for our flag and protect our freedoms endowed by our Creator.
  • We support parental rights and educational choice.
  • We respect the rule of law and those who protect it.
  • We honor our veterans.
  • We support the limited emergency powers of the governor.
  • We do not support mandates, but rather personal choice with responsibility.
  • We believe in and respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • We volunteer to elect Republicans to office.
  • We serve our communities in creative ways. 


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