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Club Member - Women


We invite you to join us for the adventures ahead! For the low annual dues of $40 you will be a chartered member through December 31, 2024.

The many benefits of membership include:

We enjoy excellent dinners with like-minded patriots who care about their community and want to see conservative Republicans succeed.

You will be notified of all CCRW, WFRW & NFRW events via email.

CCRW is the largest Republican Women’s (and men!!) Club in Washington State. CCRW has the distinct honor of having been awarded the Diamond Award from the NFRW for its many achievements.

We are serious business and serious fun!

Associate Support Membership – Men


Men are an integral part of CCRW with an “Associate Support Member” level of membership. We are pleased that CCRW has a large and growing number of Associate Members. The membership dues are low at only $15 annually from January to December 31st. Associates receive many of the same perks as Primary Members.

  • Excellent meals with like-minded patriot friends.
  • Dynamic Keynote Speakers
  • A bi-monthly Newsletter
  • Email alerts of upcoming events, political action alerts and volunteer opportunities.
  • A FREE annual summer Members Only Appreciation BBQ.

CCRW meetings are a great date night or simply informative, impactful, and enjoyable dinner events. Join us for the adventures ahead by becoming an Associate Support Member!

We are Serious Business and Serious Fun!


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